Let’s get spooky and cozy!

ManyIdeas Halloween is a module for the ManyIdeas mod. A spooky and cozy decoration mod. 10 different objects, a few with variations. Creepy shadows included.

  • For variations, just set, take and reset the decorations, like you would do it with a painting.
  • ManyIdeas Core is needed for this mod.
  • Other Seasons packs may follow.
  • You can use this mod in non-commercial modpacks without asking.
  • This is a forge mod only. There will be no fabric version.
  • This mod is 1.18.1 and up, it will not be backported.

We are grateful for everyone, who is willing to test our mod and modules, maybe fall in love with our designs and if possible, give us feedback.

Geheimagent and Muse