Into the core!

ManyIdeas Core is “core” to the whole ManyIdeas mod. It contains blocks, tools and items, that are needed in many of the modules. First, we want to mention our 17th color! The “rainbow”. In ManyIdeas Core, all the default colored blocks got their rainbow variant. Sometimes really colorful or even animated, other times all colors put in one really white block variation.

Everything else you need to discover for yourself. We divided this wiki in tools, blocks and items.

More than a core?

This mod will not be small or easy. It’s full of decorations, themes, materials, possibilities. But that would take forever to finish everything and then publish it. So we decided, to make it manageable for us and versatile for every modpack creator, that we created a core and many small, not so small, big, and huge modules. They all share the same tools, blocks or items, but they just need the core, not each other, to function. We hope, that this way, we don’t stress the performance of a modpack.

The Modules of this mod:

ManyIdeas Doorssoonsoon soon soon
ManyIdeas Bamboounder constructionunder construction under construction under construction
ManyIdeas Ice
ManyIdeas Prismarine
ManyIdeas House
ManyIdeas Garden
ManyIdeas Interior
ManyIdeas Seasons

We are grateful for everyone who is willing to test our mod and modules, maybe fall in love with our designs and if possible give us feedback.

Geheimagent and Muse