The Wooden Panels, the Quartz Plate and the Metal Plates are crafting items. They are used in different of the ManyIdeas Modules. For example: ManyIdeas Doors.


We have a thousand and twenty planes for our panels and plates, but we are starting small. They are our individual crafting item, to make our recipes unique and more usable in modpacks.


Panels and Plates
StackableYes (64)
Natural spawnNo

Oak, birch, acacia, spruce, jungle and dark oak are available from 1.14.x.
Warped and crimson are available from 1.16.x.
Copper of a Waxed Block of Copper from 1.17.x


TypeStone Table SawIron Table SawDiamond Table Saw
Wooden PanelsYesYesYes
Gold PlateNoYesYes
Copper PlateNoYesYes
Iron PlateNoNoYes
Quartz PlateNoNoYes

For all Panels/Plates, you need a full block of the material to put it into the Table Saw. It depends on the material, which type of saw is needed.


The Wooden Panels and Metal Plates are crafting materials only.


VersionChange description
1.0.0Added Wooden Panels (oak, birch, acacia, spruce, jungel, dark oak)
Added Metal Panels (iron, gold, quartz)
1.1.0Added Wooden Panels (crimson, warped)
1.2.0Added Metal Panel (copper)


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