The Redstone Key is a tool for all ManyIdeas modules. For example, in ManyIdeas Doors, the key can switch between the modes of every door! Hand only, Redstone only, both or nothing. This Redstone Key is the key to these functions.


We started with a Redstone Torch for the functions for our doors. But we learned fast, that it is better, to make our own tool, to not overlap with other tools or default functions.


Redstone Key
StackableYes (64)
Natural spawnNo


For 1 Redstone Key (one can live forever), you need 5 Iron Plates, cut with the Diamond Table Saw and 1 Redstone.


The Redstone Key activated a GUI to change the opening mode for the ManyIdeas Doors or the Player Door Sensor, for example. There are different interfaces for doors and sensor. For Doors, there are four different settings.

Nothing No Redstone or Player can open this door. It’s a setting that seems
very interesting for using our doors as decorative walls or slim dividers.
Hand This door could only be open by hand, not Redstone.
RedstoneThose doors only open with a Redstone signal, like default iron doors.
BothThe door opens by hand or Redstone, like default wooden doors


VersionChange description
1.0.0Added Redstone Key


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